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Tuition: Affording Marian Catholic

Marian Catholic High School makes every effort to provide an affordable, quality, Christ-centered education to our students. The cost to educate each student exceeds the total tuition and fees that are assessed to each student’s account, which means that every student is granted a discounted tuition.


However, we at Marian Catholic know that our prospective families may need more support in order to afford the education they desire. It is important to keep in mind that Catholic education is a choice for our families. Both Marian Catholic and our families make significant financial sacrifices to support this choice. Since we believe in believe strongly in the financial contribution of the family, no students at Marian Catholic are fully funded through the tuition assistance program. 


Currently, for this academic year, 62.3 percent of Marian Catholic students received need-based tuition assistance, with $475,877 of need-based aid distributed among those students. We are grateful for the EITC/OSTC tax credit program, financial aid donations, memorial gifts, and transfer grants to allow us to provide this type of need based assistance. All tuition assistance awards are kept confidential, with the exception of memorial scholarships. 

Did you know...that members of our Class of 2022 — who are attending a four year college or university — are currently receiving an average $15,743 in scholarships per year. The investment in your son or daughter's tuition at Marian Catholic is rewarded in their post-secondary education — where graduates earn back more than double the cost of our tuition — in college scholarships!

Now that is a worthwhile investment!

2023-2024 TUITION


Pay tuition in full by July 20, 2023 (5% discount)

Semi-Annual: 1st Payment (half) due by July 20, 2023 and 2nd Payment (half) due by December 20, 2023 (2% discount) 



Marian Catholic has eliminated the mandatory fundraising of generations past.

Any fundraising sent out will be for individual clubs/sports or the Blue and Gold Club, and are not a part of tuition.

The only additional fees a family will be required to pay are listed below. 


Registration Fee: $150.00 non-refundable


Miscellaneous Fees 
Graduation Fee (Seniors): $125.00

Parking: $20.00 ($10.00 after 2nd Quarter)

Lunch: $3.00 per day (free/reduced lunch applications available in the main office)

Transcript Request: $3.00 per transcript

AP/Dual Enrollment/Online Courses: Please inquire with Studies Office 

Lost/Damaged Book/CD: Varies by Course 


STS Fees (paid directly to Simple Tuition Solutions)
Monthly Payment Plan: $40.00 (One Time Fee)

Semi-Annual Plan: $10.00 (One Time Fee)

Financial Aid Application: $25.00

Returned Payment on Automatic Withdraws: $30.00 

Credit Card Fees for STS: 2.79% 




Each family must set up a student account and choose a payment plan through the Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) tuition management website. Payment plan options include the following: Pay in Full, Semi-Annual, or Monthly (10 payments). Creating a STS account and selecting a payment plan must be completed by April 1, 2023. Families must have their registration fee paid and a STS payment plan set up in order for the student to receive his/her class schedule. Payment methods available:

  1. Automatic Withdrawals (ACH): Family must set up banking information in STS.

  2. Invoice: STS will email an invoice. Families can remit payment to Marian in the form of check, cash, or money order. Please make check payable to Marian Catholic.

  3. Credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover and American Express) are accepted through STS as well as at the school. 





The total cost to educate each student is $12,211. Marian Catholic discounts the cost to educate in an effort to keep tuition and fees as affordable as possible for our families. Marian Catholic does offer financial aid to those families that qualify based on financial need. 


Financial aid applications must be submitted each year through the STS website. Maximum consideration for financial aid will be extended to all families that have submitted their completed applications by June 1, 2023. After that date families will be placed on the wait list to be awarded when aid becomes available throughout the year. Amounts can vary from year to year. Families must have their current accounts paid in full by May 20, 2023 in order to be considered for financial aid for the upcoming school year. Select financial aid funding sources cannot be awarded if there is a past due balance. Should a student withdraw there is a risk of losing the initial award. ​​




Marian Catholic High School recognizes that situations occur which may affect the financial situation of a family and eligibility for financial assistance. Please complete the Financial Aid Appeal Form and allow time for the Financial Aid Committee to review your financial situation or change of circumstance. Once the Financial Aid Committee has reviewed your appeal, you will be notified of the decision via email. You must complete all items on the appeal form, provide a signed letter detailing the circumstances of the appeal, provide an average monthly budget detailing all income and expenses (please use attached spreadsheet or similar format), and provide the last month of paystubs for both parents and/or guardians. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed until the Committee has received ALL required documentation. Please indicate which situation applies to you.





The Finance Department wants to ensure each family has the opportunity to provide a quality, Catholic education for their child.

For questions or concerns, please contact Carrie Fox, Tuition and STS Manager, (570) 467-3335 or

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