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Marian Catholic Performing Arts Program

Marian Catholic High School is proud to announce the establishment of their new Marian Catholic Performing Arts Program and Performing Arts Association. Beginning in the fall of 2020, the school will be establishing a Marian Catholic Performing Arts Program and Performing Arts Association. 


The new performing arts program will be directed by Marian Catholic FACTS Tuition and Financial Aid Manager, Carrie Fox. In addition to her occupational background working in federal financial aid, Fox has a degree in the performing arts. In 2006, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts with a concentration in Theater Production from West Chester University. Fox’s vast experience as a director, producer, and performer will provide the program with strong leadership and direction.


Marian Catholic High School recognizes that there is a growing number of students in the surrounding area who have an interest in the performing arts. Over the next few months, Marial Catholic will also be working to establish the Marian Catholic Performing Arts Association. This association will focus on supporting the various needs of the program. 


While Marian Catholic’s tradition had been a single senior-focused theatre production. However, the school saw a need to expand their arts opportunity for all students. This provides many benefits. All grade levels will now be able to pursue their passion in the performing arts. In addition, our current students will be able to connect with our elementary and junior high partner schools to develop an early interest with our program with younger students. 


Through the generosity of a Marian benefactor, the school was able to completely resurface the stage in our gymnasium this summer. We are also pursuing avenues to provide better stage lighting for the future performances our Performing Arts Program will produce. Marian Catholic High School is excited to look to the future and provide future generations with performing arts opportunities!


The mission of the Marian Catholic Performing Arts program is to provide students with the freedom to expand and advance their skill sets in all areas of the arts and humanities. Through a combination of course electives, as well as a regular performance season, we will utilize the arts to educate students on relevant social and community issues, while maintaining the core values of the Christ centered education at Marian Catholic High School. 


The Marian Catholic Performing Arts program strives to inspire, foster and build a genuine love of and for the arts within the school community as well as the individual surrounding communities. The program will serve grades 9-12 and will integrate the performing arts

with the standard college preparatory curriculum. We believe that performing arts are essential to the student experience. The goal of the program is to equip our students with the tools to have healthy spiritual formations, robust civil engagements, greater social tolerance, physical/personal development, improved academic outcomes and cultural awareness and appreciation. 

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