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Resources for Our Marian Catholic Parents


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has immunization requirements for any student entering a public, private,
parochial or non-public school in the commonwealth. 
Parents and guardians are asked to please contact their physician to
obtain this information or schedule an appointment. Proof of the above immunizations should be sent to the school nurse. Any child
not meeting the above state requirements for the current school year will be excluded from attendance on the first day of school according to Pennsylvania law. 
We recommend that the immunization should be provided to the school by August 1.



In compliance with the School Health Laws of Pennsylvania, periodic medical exams are required for all children

who are or should be attending school. This exam is required for all students attending in-person or virtually for students

starting their Junior year (11th Grade). You can opt to have the mandate physical completed by the school medical

provider during the school year. Please complete the Health Examination form and return it to school.



Parent Ambassadors are engaged parents who are committed to partnering with us to ensure student success. Our Parent
Ambassadors work to strengthen relationships and form partnerships between parents and the school. In addition, they play a key
role in enhancing parent programming in regional areas, helping to cultivate and maintain hospitable parent communities.


Marian Catholic uses One Call Now to get crucial information to parents. Your primary phone contact and email from your
registration will be used for One Call Now. You can create an account to update your phone, text, and email information,
ncluding adding multiple numbers and emails to receive important or emergency information; ie. cancelling after
school activities, full school cancellation or all students being sent home. 
Please be aware that parents and students
should still be watching for notifications from the School Districts they reside in for busing and cancellations.



The Marian Catholic High School New Student Referral Program awards a referring MCHS family with a $250 tuition credit for each

new student that is referred to, enrolls in and attends MCHS. This offer applies ONLY to NEW family applicants. Younger siblings of current or past MCHS families do not qualify. Incentive award consideration is limited to the referral of brand new families enrolling students at MCHS in 9th, 10th and 11th grades. Refer a family that enrolls two students and receive a $500 tuition credit; refer a

family that enrolls three students and receive a $750 tuition credit, etc.). REFERRALS CANNOT BE MADE RETROACTIVELY.


Marian Catholic use the online VISIONS portal for students and parents to view current grades. All returning students who

created their passwords when registering for their courses the previous year; their username is their student ID.

New students’ Parents/Guardians must create an account. District ID: MCHS.