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Marian Catholic Student-Athlete Handbook

Every student-athlete and parent/guardian is required to read and become familiar with the Marian Catholic High School Student-Athlete Handbook/Code of Conduct. The Handbook/Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure consistency of expectations and procedures for our athletic programs to help our students grow in the virtue of obedience, and not to stifle their personalities or rights. Being a Marian Catholic student athlete is a great responsibility, as the spotlight locally and throughout the region on high school athletics becomes greater with each passing year. As a Colt or Filly, your responsibility is to uphold the Marian Catholic Values while persuing excellence both on and off the field. 


We firmly believe that athletics help foster a strong home and school partnership, along with consistent communications, will help our children achieve in a safe and positive school environment. The essential principles guiding this Athletic Handbook/Code of Conduct are loving our God, our neighbors, and ourselves. In this way, student athletes are representing Marian Catholic High School, their families, and the greater Marian Catholic Community in the intense spotlight of high school athletics. The principles and guidelines in the Handbook/Code of Conduct are the standardized regulations that all Marian Catholic student-athletes will be held responsible both on and off the playing surface. 


The material in this Handbook/Code of Conduct directly concerns any student participating on a Marian Catholic High School athletic team. A student who elects to participate in athletics is voluntarily making a choice to adhere to the rules and regulations of the athletic program of their choice. The following rules and regulations are provided for both the student athlete and their parents/guardians. It is our hope that this Student Athlete Handbook/Code of Conduct will aid all athletes, parents/guardians and spectators of Marian Catholic High School. 

Any questions or suggestions about the Handbook/Code of Conduct are most welcome and can be addressed to the Marian Catholic High School Administration, specifically our Athletic Director. 


Good luck Colts and Fillies! 

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