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Curriculum and Requirements

Marian Catholic High School offers a variety of course offerings with descriptions, requirements, and expectations. We encourage 

parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to assist students with their choices. Several courses have a minimum average grade requirement. Certain electives must be approved by the department chairperson or a teacher. Consultation with teachers is important, especially regarding continuity of a program and level of difficulty. 


Marian Catholic offers honors courses to students who are above average in ability and who can achieve success in that area of study.  This program stimulates creativity, research, and communication skills while expecting the student to demonstrate a personal commitment to excellence with some independent work. Students are placed in these courses by virtue of their past performances with teacher/department/administration approval. College Preparation courses are available along with requested electives, AP courses and Dual Enrollment courses for seniors. Please note that the Studies Director and department chairpersons are responsible for the final decision for student placement in a course.


Changes made after the return of the Course Selection Forms will require the approval of the Department Chairperson and the Studies Director. Changes requested after rosters have been completed will incur a $25.00 fee and will be made by appointment only.  

No changes will be made after the first full cycle ofclasses unless requested by the Department Chairperson in consultation with the subject teacherand parent.


Graduation from Marian Catholic High School requires the satisfactory completion of the following required courses mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Diocese of Allentown.


Weighted Grade Point Average is calculated according to the level of the course and the grade earned.

Cumulative rank is determined by the Quality Grade Point Average per year.



The Valedictorian and the Salutatorian are generally the top two students of the senior class after the third quarter grades are issued. 

To qualify for this honor, students must have attended Marian for three full years.

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