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MC12 Program

What is the MC12 Program?

MC12 is the new recurring gift program for Marian Catholic High School. A recurring gift is an ongoing, specific gift amount determined by a donor that is either deducted monthly from a donor’s checking account or charged monthly to a donor’s credit card. 


How do I sign up?

You choose a contribution amount — as little as $5 each month — and it will be deducted from your checking account or charged

to your credit card accordingly. You can sign up by completed the MC12 form and returning to the school or by visiting our

Marian Fund portal and choosing recurring gift when you donate online. 


Program Benefits

  • Cost efficiency. Spreading your support throughout the year is a convenient way to include your donations in your personal budget. Monthly giving is the most cost efficient way to deliver your support. 

  • Convenience. When you participate in Marian Catholic’s MC12 Recurring Gift Program, your gift will appear each month on your bank statement or credit card. We will send you a calendar year-end tax receipt each January to help in your tax preparations. 

  • Flexibility: If for any reason you wish to increase, decrease, discontinue your gifts or change the credit card being charged, call
    570-467-3335 ext. 115 or email


Your Impact Magnified 

  • $5 per month = $60 annually 

  • $10 per month = $120 annually 

  • $25 per month = $300 annually

  • $41.66 per month = $500 annually 

  • $83.33 per month = $1,000 annually 

  • $208.33 per month = $2,500 annually


Thank You to our MC12 Participants

Mr. James Beall

Angela Bonazinga

Mr. Patrick Boyle ’03

Mr. Bernard Bruni 

Mrs. Felicia (Dicasimirro) Bruni ’74

Deacon Joseph Cannon ’75

Dr. Kara (Menconi) Coassolo ’91

Mr. Mark ’90 Coassolo

Dr. Joseph Colancecco ’66

Kathy Dakosty ’99

Mrs. Janisann Dvorak

Mr. Jerome Dvorak ’82

Mr. Charles Fornaro

Mr. James Goff

Mrs. Kathy (Reinhart) Goff ’87

Mr. Gary Gray ’66

Mr. Robert Kovick ’72

Mr. Daniel Labert ’93

Mrs. Mary (Bookstein) Lerch ’66

Catherine M. Lewis ’71

Mr. Joseph McMullen ’68

Mrs. Karen McMullen

Mr. Patrick McMullen ’69

Mr. Carl Scheitrum ’73

Mr. Robert Schott ’69

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