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2023-2024 Student Council

The Marian Catholic High School Student Council is a group of elected students working together

with an adult advisor within the framework of a constitution or bylaws to provide a means for student expression and

assistance in school affairs and activities. Our Student Council gives and opportunity for student experience in leadership

and encourages student relations with faculty and the community. Through projects and activities, Student Council 

works to promote: citizenship, scholarship, leadership, human relations and cultural values.

2023 - 2024 Student Council Members


Executive Committee

President - Brady Bobrowski

Vice President - Jakob Mummey

Secretary - Carly Minchhoff

Treasurer - Lachlan Segedy

Speaker of the House - Megan Reaman


Officers of the Class of 2024

President - Mason Mattrazzo

Vice President - Alex Porambo

Secretary/Treasurer - Anthony Chaikalis


Class of 2024 Homeroom Representatives

Homeroom 1A Representative - MacKenna Jacobs

Homeroom 2A Representative - Julia Meiss and Sophia Lombardo

Homeroom 3A Representative - Gabriel Trifiro


Officers of the Class of 2025

President - Connor Rehnert

Vice President - Julia Dvorak

Secretary/Treasurer - Mia Rinaldi


Class of 2025 Homeroom Representatives

Homeroom 1B Representative - Kathryn Baron

Homeroom 2B Representative - Zoe Katona

Homeroom 3B Representative - Alizabeth Pikitus

Officers of the Class of 2026

President - Michael Strucko

Vice President - Octavia Zito

Secretary/Treasurer - Isabel Rista


Class of 2026 Homeroom Representatives

Homeroom 1C Representative - Larry Ader

Homeroom 2C Representative - Cristina Mohammed

Homeroom 3C Representative - Damian Rodino


Officers of the Class of 2027

President - Brooke Hannis-Miskar

Vice President - Tyler Rebarchek

Secretary/Treasurer - Zoe Johnstone


Class of 2027 Homeroom Representatives

Homeroom 1D Representative - James Gelatko

Homeroom 2D Representative - Thomas McHugh

Homeroom 3D Representative - James Cannon

Homeroom 4D Representative - Griahhny Santos-Urena

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