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Lunch Menu

Lunches are served at Marian Catholic High School daily. 

All students have an opportunity to prepay in advance for a standard $3 daily lunch in the Cafeteria.


Lunch Accounts

Lunch is NOT free for all students this year. Free/Reduced lunch applications have been given to students on the first day of school.

Please return applications as soon as possible. All parents should set up their Lunch Time account for payments for food and drink.

A lock box is located outside of the cafeteria for students who wish to submit payment for their account in school.

Please make sure the envelope is clearly marked with the student’s name and ID#.
Please make checks payable to Marian Catholic High School.

Money for the cafeteria should NEVER be dropped off at the Main Office or give to the homeroom teacher.

> Click here for information on how to create an online Student Account Payment account.

All extra sandwiches are a $1.00, meat sandwiches are $1.25, salads are $1.00, salads with meat are $1.25, extra milk is 50¢,

water 75¢, and an extra entreé is $1.25. For questions, please contact Cheryl Stanitis and email

Students from families with income that falls within government established annual limits are eligible for either free or reduced meals. Government lunch applications for the free and reduced lunch program are given to students the first day of school.

These forms can be completed and return to the Main Office any time during the school year. 

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