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Marian Catholic FBLA Induction

On Wednesday, December 2, 2020, 62 students from Marian Catholic High School were

inducted into the school’s chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

The 2020-2021 officers were also sworn in by the chapter’s advisor, Mrs. Patricia Patton

and Assistant Advisor, Ms. Marybeth Hayden. President, Maxwell Schwabe (senior),

Vice-President, Vincent Pan (senior), Secretary/ Public Relations Reporter, Isabella Lesante (junior), and Treasurer, Olivia Erickson (junior) all took a vow to serve Marian Catholic’s FBLA chapter with quality leadership, determination and teamwork.

Despite this year’s situation due to the pandemic, the club is still excited for what this year has in store. No matter how they will get to share their talents, the future business leaders are thankful they get to partake in another year of, not only competition, but community service and leadership opportunities.

2020-2021 FBLA Members include:

First row, left to right: Julian Cerullo, Alexis Fellin, Hunter Gallegher, Olivia Erickson,

Maxwell Schwabe, Vincent Pan, Ethan Risteter, Stephen Bretzik, Lachlan Segedy, and

Angelo Greek.

Second row, left to right: Owen Brady, Eliza Bauder, Rebecca Boyle, Hailey Watkins,

Taylor Ryba, Robert Jones, Jacob Fenstermaker, Molly Maguschak, Christina Walko, Kerrigan Digiris, Angela Pan, Gabrielle Dagostin, and Lliam Sanphy.

Third row, left to right: John Malarkey, Albin Petschauer, Julian Rickert, Gavin Verkusky,

Will Nyer, Mia Neameth, Alivia Karchner, Jenna Goff, Ashley Pleban, Megan Paisley,

Julia Meiss, and Alex Reyes.

Last row, left to right: Jamison Wheeler, Emily Breslin, Kelly Sullivan, Abigail Kluck,

Megan Reaman, Alexander Cornmesser, Ryan Berube, Isabella Genao, Grace Curnow, Lauren Reaman, Walter Pavlik III, Kevin Earley, and Alexia Eisenhower.

Not pictured: Gianna Cerullo, Madison Dando, Kaitlyn Doyle, Emily Eroh,

Gabriella Greek, Daniel Holincheck, Isabella Lesante, Frankie Martinelli, Mason Mattrazzo, Mackenzie McAndrew, Carly Michhoff, Blaise Mullen, Addison Pan, Elliott Roberti,

and Tatianna Zeleniak.

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