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Marian Catholic Class of 2020 Graduates

Marian Catholic's Class of 2020 got the graduation they had prayed for — to be together one last time. Valedictorian Sarah Halupa called the ceremony the most memorable in Marian’s history. She encouraged her classmates to define their senior year by an acronym: STRONG. “Be not afraid to show your ‘S’ spirit, leverage ‘T’ teamwork and ‘R’ respect to seize ‘O’ opportunity, and remember we survived ‘N’ Novel COVID-19 because ‘G’ God is always with us,” she said. Salutatorian Samantha Eroh told her classmates they can write their life story in pencil, pen, or Sharpie. Pencils can be erased, and pen marks can be scratched out, but leave a blemish. She said by living life with a Sharpie, and guided by God, they will seize opportunities and create good moments in their lives. “Be bold, be confident in who you are, what you’re doing and how you treat others. This way, no one will ever doubt who you are,” she said. Congrats to our Class of 2020!

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