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Marian Catholic Freshman Student Council

From left to right is, Isabella Boyer, Mackenna Jacobs, Anthony Macario-Chaikalis,

Julia Meiss, Madison Miller, Jakob Mummey, and Megan Reaman.

Marian Catholic Freshman Student Council

President - Julia Meiss

Vice-President - Madison Miller

Secretary/Treasurer - Anthony Macario-Chaikalis

Homeroom 1D Representative - Isabella Boyer

Homeroom 2D Representative - Mackenna Jacobs

Homeroom 3D Representative - Jakob Mummey

Homeroom 4D Representative - Megan Reaman

Julia Meiss

Freshman Class President

Parents: Joseph Meiss and Angela Meiss

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"I wanted to be a part of the Student Council because

I wanted to become involved in the school. It would help

me get to know the faculty and administration, as well as fellow students. I was in the Student Council at St. Jerome Regional School for three years. I had a great experience there and wanted to carry

that into Marian Catholic."

Madison Miller

Vice President

Parents: David and Courtney Miller

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"I wanted to be part of student council because as a freshman I want to get to know people better and help those around me as much as I can. I also would like to do things that benefit our school community and all the people in it.

Anthony Macario-Chaikalis


Parents: Andrea Macario-Chaikalis & Nicolas Chaikalis

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"The reason I wanted to join Student Council was because I wanted to be a leader and set an example for my peers around me so maybe they can feel inspired to do something that they want to do."

Isabella Boyer

Homeroom representative

Parents: William and Lori Boyer

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"I feel like I can relate to my classmates so I thought that a position as homeroom representative would be the best for me. I really enjoy participating in things here at Marian and being a leader for my homeroom has really made that clear."

MacKenna Jacobs

Homeroom Representative of D2

Parent: Jessica Hoben

Alumni of St. Jerome's Regional School

"I wanted to join because I wanted to help out the school in a more advanced way. I wanted to represent the people in my grade and make sure their ideas were heard."

Jakob Mummey

Homeroom Rep 3D

Parents: Cristin Weicker and Glenn Mummey

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"I wanted to join the student council because I believed that it would be a fun way to help the community and school. I also wanted to join because I thought it would be a fun way to meet new friends."

Megan Reaman

Homeroom Representative

Paretns: Kathy and Richard Reaman

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"Being a part of Student Council will benefit me in many aspects of my life. It will help improve my leadership and communication skills, as well as allow me to meet some

of my new classmates. My time on Student Council at

St. Jerome’s Regional School has motivated me to continue helping others. As a representative, I can help provide a voice for my class. Overall, I believe being a part of Marian’s Student Council will teach me valuable lessons and help to fully experience being a part of the Marian Catholic family."

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