Marian Catholic Freshman Student Council

From left to right is, Isabella Boyer, Mackenna Jacobs, Anthony Macario-Chaikalis,

Julia Meiss, Madison Miller, Jakob Mummey, and Megan Reaman.

Marian Catholic Freshman Student Council

President - Julia Meiss

Vice-President - Madison Miller

Secretary/Treasurer - Anthony Macario-Chaikalis

Homeroom 1D Representative - Isabella Boyer

Homeroom 2D Representative - Mackenna Jacobs

Homeroom 3D Representative - Jakob Mummey

Homeroom 4D Representative - Megan Reaman

Julia Meiss

Freshman Class President

Parents: Joseph Meiss and Angela Meiss

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"I wanted to be a part of the Student Council because

I wanted to become involved in the school. It would help

me get to know the faculty and administration, as well as fellow students. I was in the Student Council at St. Jerome Regional School for three years. I had a great experience there and wanted to carry

that into Marian Catholic."

Madison Miller

Vice President

Parents: David and Courtney Miller

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"I wanted to be part of student council because as a freshman I want to get to know people better and help those around me as much as I can. I also would like to do things that benefit our school community and all the people in it.

Anthony Macario-Chaikalis


Parents: Andrea Macario-Chaikalis & Nicolas Chaikalis

Alumni of St. Jerome Regional School

"The reason I wanted to join Student Council was because I wanted to be a leader and set an example for my peers around me so maybe they can feel inspired to do something that they want to do."