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Marian Catholic Sponsors an In-person Business Tour for Potential FBLA Members


They are going places!

On Monday, December 6, 2021, Marian Catholic students who were interested in FBLA participated in a “tour” of Marian’s FBLA achievements over the past 20 years. Set up by the active members, posters, past awards, and certificates were available for the attendees to view.

Along with the tour, Advisor Patricia Patton and acting President of the club, sophomore Lachlan Segedy, gave encouraging words to the group. They explained in detail the responsibilities and positive outcomes of joining FBLA, especially for those who are interested in a future career in business. Beneficial activities like competitions and workshops were also topics of conversation.

“We all hope new students are interested, because it is a great way to open up and shed light on your different strengths, whether it's public speaking or a competitive test. They also have the opportunity to meet new people along the way,” one acting member said with enthusiasm. In conclusion, it is clear to see that the advisors and members work hard to keep the Marian Catholic FBLA legacy alive, and hope to have new members joining them in the future months!

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