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2020 Graduate Accepts Early Admission to Medical School

Marian Catholic High School announced that senior Lucca Stroia has been notified of his acceptance to the Early Admission Program at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. The early acceptance guarantees Stroia a spot at the medical school once he completes his undergraduate studies at an affiliated college. Stroia has selected Kutztown University as his choice for undergraduate studies. LECOM is the largest medical school in the United States.

Once accepted for the early admission program, students must maintain a certain grade-point average in college to continue to the medical school and are exempt from admission exams. More than 7,000 students apply annually with approximately 1,500 interviewed. Only 5% of students are accepted into this program.

Stroia, who was also accepted to a number of colleges, including Villanova University on a Curvey Scholarship, Lehigh University, Lafayette College and Penn State University’s main campus, will be attending Kutztown on an academic scholarship and a football grant in the LECOM “Medical 4+4” Early Acceptance Affiliation Program. He expects to continue his football career and major in biology and pre-med.

Read the full article on the Standard Speaker.

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