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Marian Catholic Alumni Association Presents Donation to Alma Mater

Marian Alumni Association members Bill O’Gurek, left, Tammy Chrin, middle, and Jim Sauka, second from right, display promotional check for $10,000 that Marian Catholic graduates have donated to the school. Accepting the funds were the Rev. Allen Hoffa, right, Head of School, and Kristine Evina, second from left, Advancement Director.


The Marian Catholic High School Alumni Association recently launched its second-year revitalized membership campaign. Through this campaign, the association has contributed more than $25,000 to the school in Hometown as part of its ongoing commitment to assist with financial aid and the operational costs of a Catholic education.

“We continue to be pleasantly surprised by the unrelenting dedication that Marian Catholic alumni have shown toward the school,” said William O’Gurek, Class of ’73, Chairman of the association. “Our membership has grown from 300 in the first year to 445 this year; with 54 graduates serving as representatives of 37 classes. These representatives have diligently worked to update contact information of their classmates. We anticipate that membership will increase substantially as we enter the 2020-2021 school year,” he added.

"When the campaign was launched in 2019, the goal was to make the Alumni Association a legitimate organization whose resources would be a valuable tool in helping to promote Marian Catholic High School,” O’Gurek said. “Since that time, we have re-established a network of alumni from across the country who have indicated they want to play a variety of pivotal roles in helping Marian Catholic thrive,” he stated.

At a check presentation ceremony on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, the association donated another $10,000 to the Rev. Allen Hoffa, Head of School. “The funds represent part of the recently-acquired fees and donations from the current membership campaign; and will be used by the school for tuition assistance and other expenses within the school’s budget,” said Tammy Chrin, Association Director. Chrin is spearheading the association’s class representatives initiative in which volunteers work on the group's behalf to continually update contact information of Marian Catholic graduates. “It’s a work in progress, but it’s really amazing how many alumni want to help,” she said. “Our class representatives’ success in connecting with members of their individual classes helps us generate a better database of information on alumni. This enables us to increase the association’s membership count,” she added. Chrin said the association members are committed to helping to make sure a Catholic education is available for families that want it for their sons and daughters. O’Gurek said the work of the association will play an important role in Marian Catholic’s future. “The response we have received from graduates has been amazing! It’s truly impressive how Marian Catholic graduates from all around the country continue to show appreciation of their MCHS educations by helping to make sure others have the same opportunity," he said.

O'Gurek acknowledged that there is a misconception that the cost of tuition prohibits a child’s attendance at Marian Catholic; adding that the school has more financial assistance than ever before. “If you are a parent interested in a Marian Catholic education for your son or daughter, make an appointment to pursue that interest. The school is more than happy to show parents how a Marian Catholic education is affordable to them," said O'Gurek.

The Marian Catholic Alumni Association is currently planning a number of different initiatives, including: helping individual classes with reunion plans; scheduling Homecoming activities that align with health and safety regulations; planning return-to-the-school programs where graduates will interact with the current student body; and making Marian Catholic alumni apparel available for purchase.

Part of the Alumni Association’s continued efforts is to increase communications with graduates. “Presently, we send a monthly newsletter across the country, have our own Facebook page, and provide current news and updates on the school’s website. Any alumni is welcome to join! Email us at," said O'Gurek.

For more information about Marian Catholic High School, email Mary Milosh, Director of Enrollment Management at

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